As a consumer, you have power.

When you buy something, you are giving someone else the decision making power regarding where your resources are going.

Knowing and understanding what is being done with the power you give can not be ignored.
— [but it’s really hard]

We are interested in what it means to be a successful business independent of profit motivation.

We are creating a space where every day, and every choice, is not about acquiring profits for an ownership class. We make choices that are the greatest benefit to the quality and healthfulness of our end products.

We are creating a space for people to be a part of society without being exploited.

Exploitation occurs when the few make vast profits out of the work of the many.

We believe in normalization of cannabis through education and experience.

We use our platform to inform our consumers about our products and practices with transparency to empower them to make educated decisions.

We believe in demystification of cannabis by insisting on clarity, truth, and fact-based rhetoric when we speak about our products.

We refuse to participate in manipulative advertising to strip the consumer of their honest decision-making power in order to capture their business. We hope you choose our products based on an honest understanding of what they are and how they are created.

We believe in the power of the legal cannabis industry to set an example of how to exist as conscious, awake, and caring humans.